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Find Out What The Boardroom Discovered

Thu 14 Dec 2017

We have been considering (with some help from the younger generation) how to make moving house in December, a Very Merry Christmas move!


Once again our Chairman Bill Brookes, has called together the festive task force, to give consideration to the mission at hand.

So, the 2017 DB Roberts Christmas video provides a glimpse into the Board Room - where the Festive Task Force were quite literally asked to take on board the views of those that still believe.

Managing Director Jo Culley said: "Our young super stars never fail to enlighten us with wonderful ideas – and we love to do something a bit special in the lead up to Christmas.”

"We absolutely understand how very stressful a Christmas move can be – and this year we thought it would be good to consider the issue from a different perspective!"

"We haven’t got any help from Paddington – or any amazing monsters under the bed - but we hope you’ll giggle as much we have ...and you never know – dreams do sometimes come true!"