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July 19th Update: Due to the high infection rate and to protect our staff and customers, we would prefer anyone entering our offices to continue to wear facemasks (unless excempt) and sanitise their hands.

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News & Events
Fri 18 Jun 2021
Over 50% of UK homeowners feel trapped in their homes...
News & Events
Fri 18 Jun 2021
Over 50% of UK homeowners feel trapped in their homes...

Over 50% of UK homeowners feel trapped in their homes

At DB Roberts, we’ve been super busy over the past twelve months, handling a record number of transactions. Many local homeowners began to reassess what they needed from their living spaces during the lockdown, looking for properties with more interior space or larger gardens.  


We're delighted to have helped so many of our clients to buy a new property that meets their needs.  But there is still a significant number of homeowners who are reluctant to move on for various reasons, despite feeling unhappy with their current living arrangements.  


What do homeowners dislike about their homes?


51.3% of people who responded to a recent Zoopla survey said their home was either completely unsuitable (8%) or failed to meet all their needs (43.3%). The top reasons are lack of space, with 40.5% complaining their homes weren’t big enough. 33% admitted they needed more outside space, while 24.4% said they did not have enough room for friends and family members when they came to stay. 


Other reasons included no space for working from home, poor phone signal and broadband speeds and unsatisfactory location. 


So what’s stopping them from moving?


An emotional attachment to the family home, reluctance to leave good neighbours and even a fondness for a local pub were just some of the reasons noted in the Zoopla survey.


Amongst those homeowners who had issues with their current property, 39% said their budget prevented them from buying the home they wanted. However, it seems these hesitant home movers may be worrying unnecessarily. 


Zoopla’s researchers have recently discovered that when owners calculate their home’s sale value, they get it wrong by an average of £46,000. That extra cash could make all the difference when planning a home move.


Help to get moving


DB Roberts is a market leading estate agent in Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands.  When you make a request to ‘value my property’, we will provide a free, no-obligation market appraisal based on our extensive local knowledge and the latest market data - ensuring your property achieves its full value. 


If you are looking to buy, we’ll listen carefully to understand your needs and make sure that the properties we suggest are within your budget.    


Whether you want an answer to the question ‘how much is my property worth?’ or help to find the perfect home, we are always happy to advise. Why not get in touch with us and kickstart your moving plans?

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