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News & Events
Mon 22 Oct 2018
Top Tips To Sell Your Home This Autumn
News & Events
Mon 22 Oct 2018
Top Tips To Sell Your Home This Autumn

Top Tips To Sell Your Home This Autumn

Introducing some autumnal colours to your home at this time of year can make it seem more inviting. It’s easy to do with throws or cushions in chocolate, terracotta or dark green and using natural materials can have a striking effect too, for example a woodpile. 


Here’s why we love this season and why making the move to do it now could benefit you! 


Bring The Outdoors In 


The nights are now drawing in which means only one thing... keep it cosy!


People are generally tucked up on the sofa with more time on their hands to browse for what could potentially be their dream home.


In fact, the official slowdown has been found to be 23rd October so let us help promote your property as a proper plush pad and give potential buyers a reason to get out. Our professional photography package really makes the most of the Autumnal colours at this time of year. 

Autumnal Smells  


You might want to light a scented candle to glow up the darkest corner of your room and give a buyer that sense of those comforting autumn aromas. Why not try a pumpkin spice, or even a hopscotch cedar and pine? You never know, this could be a talking point for you and the potential buyer.  


Get The Fire Going 


Make sure your home feels warm and looks inviting when buyers come round. When people first walk into your home - make sure its warm enough for them to want to take off their coat... and when they do, ensure there’s space to hang it. You want them to think one thing only... this is the house for me!  

If you’ve got a log burner, get it going. A log burner could be the stand out feature your potential buyer is looking for. A lit fire can truly change the atmosphere of any room. There is no better way to sell your home than a warm glow and that lambent flame you could watch for hours.  


Let There Be Light 


Properties are best viewed during the daylight hours. However, in the autumn, the days get shorter and daylight viewings are not always a possibility. It’s important to consider how much light you can capture within your property. Start by making sure the bulbs are using are bright and are the same colour balance.  


You can use lighting to your advantage during the shorter days by creating atmosphere. Try using lamps in the dark corners of your room. This usually works best for the rooms you want to appear cosy like bedrooms and living areas. Avoid doing this on hallways and landings as ease of access is vital in these areas 


Add A Splash Of Colour


Introducing some Autumnal colours to your home at this time of year can make it seem more inviting for your potential buyers too. This can be easily done by adding throws, cushions or rugs to your most inviting living space. Colours that always work well at this time of year are burnt orange, creams and shades of brown.  


Clear The Clutter  


No one likes to walk into a home with shoes and coats draped over the stair rail. Instead, ensure that they are put away to leave your home clean and clutter free giving your potential buyer the feeling of space. However, there is nothing wrong with leaving your coats and shoes in dedicated areas to give your potential buyer that true autumn feel.  

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