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Managing the tenancy

Safety Certificates

safety certificates

Every residential property must by law have safety certificates for the gas and electricity systems, requiring inspections by suitably qualified technicians and renewal on a strict annual basis. There are also legal requirements regarding smoke alarms and fire resisting furnishings. Other requirements place no obligations on landlords as regards the safety of hot water systems. DB Roberts staff can help you ensure that certificates are renewed on time and your property is compliant.

Rent Collection

rent collection

As managing agents, we collect the rent for each month and within 48 hours of receipt, deduct any costs such as repairs or our fees, before promptly forwarding the net balance direct to your bank account by electronic transfer, which usually only takes 3 days. We automatically email you a monthly statement supported by invoices, so that you have a full record and evidence of income and expenditure for your annual tax return.

Void periods and rent arrears

void periods and rent arrears

DB Roberts aim to keep to the absolute minimum any period between one tenant vacating and the next moving in. This ensures the minimum effect on income and the return on your investment. In the unlikely event of your tenant failing to pay their rent on time, we will work with them to achieve a satisfactory solution as quickly as possible.



With DB Roberts as your managing agents, we are there to help should any repairs become necessary during the tenancy - for instance a broken central heating boiler. We have a panel of trusted tradesman, technicians and contractors who provide a prompt response and reliable service; all carry appropriate insurance. Of course, you can use your own tradesman if you prefer.

Financial peace of mind

financial peace of mind

DB Roberts comply with the strict regulatory requirements of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to ensure that all client money is absolutely protected. All client funds are held in a ring fenced client account, in addition to which we belong to a Client Money Protection Scheme and carry Professional Indemnity insurance of £2 million. Over 50 years of trading, no client of DB Roberts has suffered a loss of personal funds.

When the tenancy ends

when the tenancy ends

We will carry out a final inspection and compare the condition of the property with the Schedule of Condition we prepared when the tenant first moved in. After discussions with you and your tenant, we will endeavour to resolve any issues and then return the security deposit to the tenant in full, or apportion it as agreed between the parties. In the unlikely event of the matter having to be referred to the TDPS for resolution, our schedule provides the best possible evidence on which the decision will be based.