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Information for Landlords

How can we help?

From the very start of your lettings journey we can offer invaluable advice, assistance and services that will help you to achieve better results and realise long-term goals.

If you have not yet made a purchase, you can tap into our local property market expertise that will help you to choose the right house or flat. Speak to our sales team in your local branch.

Before acquiring a property it is important to work out if there is a good supply of tenants in the local area and whether rental returns will be high enough to cover any mortgage payment. You should also think about the type of properties that enjoy high levels of demand in a particular location.

Some new landlords can be tempted to set their asking price wrong, either by setting their expectations too low and failing to capitalise on income or by inflating the rental figure and struggling to let their property, so do not make this mistake. At D.B. Roberts we have more than 50 years experience in the property market so know exactly how to maximise your return whilst ensuring prospective tenants are not put off by the rental figure.

There are numerous legal requirements when letting a property such as ensuring all required safety certificates are up to date and having to place all deposits in a Government-backed Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. All tenants’ security deposits are held in a separate Client Account which ensures protection of their funds. D.B. Roberts takes the strain from you by meeting all of the legislative demands placed on rental property owners which in turn gives you peace of mind and confidence that every regulation is being adhered to.

How to avoid making mistakes

Regardless of how experienced you are as a landlord, it is likely that you could make some mistakes as you start out with any new property. As such, taking advice from an expert letting agent is a wise move that can pay off significantly.

One of the most common mistakes landlords make is neglecting to research the location in which they are considering buying a property. It is crucial that you work out exactly how successful your buy-to-let property is likely to be.

It can also be detrimental to avoid using a qualified and experienced letting agent. D.B. Roberts is a member of RICS, ARLA and The Property Ombudsman Service so you can be confident that we will let your property in accordance with all the latest legislation.

There is no reason to give an inexperienced or unregulated letting agent the chance to make mistakes with your property as these have the potential to significantly impact on your finances.

You will soon realise that selecting quality tenants is a huge factor in your success as a landlord. Whether you have one property or 100, you need to get it right when it comes to finding tenants; D.B. Roberts are more than capable of doing this for you.

Upon taking on a new tenant you will need to provide a schedule of condition along with a legally binding Tenancy Agreement. If you do not feel that you are capable of meeting these demands, we are ready to help and are extremely experienced in providing documents that adhere to industry regulations.

Any good letting agent should ensure these documents are created, signed, and stored securely for the duration of a tenancy.

By ensuring the schedule of condition is accurate, you are protected against a number of the risks that any landlord can potentially face, including damage to your property. If you do not have a schedule of condition you are unlikely to be able to claim from a tenant so having one created and approved by professionals is of paramount importance.