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How much can I borrow?

how much can i borrow

Knowing the answer before you start serious house-hunting can save so much time - and disappointment. The mortgage market has changed with lenders so much more focussed on what each applicant can afford based on their lifestyle. Our in-house advisors are here to help you find the answers - and their initial advice is free.

Award winning professionals

award winning professionals

Our team includes mortgage and financial advisors recognised within the mortgage industry as among the best in the country. With their wide experience, you can be confident that their advice on what is best for you is reliable. Why rely on what you are told by just one bank or building society, when one conversation can give you access to so many more? One advisor, 90 lenders, 11,000 mortgages - just a phone call away.

Another great year for awards!

db roberts, winners 2014

At the Mortgage Advice Bureau Conference in February 2015 DB Roberts won 'Best Broker for Protection 2015'. Watch the video below to see DB Roberts Chairman Bill Brookes and Managing Director Jo Culley collecting the award.

DB Roberts 'Best Broker for Protection'

Rob Brookes, winner 2014

As well as DB Roberts winning an award, one of our mortgage advisors, Rob Brookes was nominated for, and won, all 3 of the categories for which he could qualify out of 4 categories in the whole of the UK. To do this, Rob not only had to beat his friends and colleagues, some of whom were also nominated again this year, but several hundred other advisors at MAB. To see our triple award winning mortgage advisor collecting his awards, click the links to our YouTube channel below.

Rob winning Top Advisor in the North

Rob winning Top Advisor for Overall Protection

Rob winning Top Advisor for Buildings and Contents

Today's best mortgage deals

mab website

Click the link below to instantly see today's top mortgage deals and the latest news on the mortgage market; there's also guidance on mortgages, lifestyle protection and much more. You can also arrange to see one of our team of award winning advisors who can help you choose from hundreds of mortgage products - all under one roof. And our initial advice is free.

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Buy to Let

buy to let

As investment returns remain low and pension rules change, more and more individuals are choosing to invest in property and become landlords. While most mortgage lenders offer Buy to Let products, their terms are not the same as the traditional owner occupier loans. DB Roberts advisors can help and advise, while our specialist lettings team can provide support in choosing the best properties in which to invest.

Re-mortgage? We can help

re-mortgage, we can help

When did you last have a pay rise? How would it be if you had £100 a month more income; or £200? This can be the benefit of re-mortgaging your present home - simply transferring your mortgage to another lender on better terms. Or perhaps you can release some of the money tied up in your present home to start or expand a business, provide a house purchase deposit for one of your children - or to start a lettings portfolio of your own. By talking to one of our expert advisors, you can discover the possibilities.

Protecting your family

protect your family

Providing for your family is the most basic of human instincts; and everyone strives for a good standard of living, a nice home and a care-free retirement. DB Roberts award winning advisors have access to a wide range of affordable schemes designed to protect your income should you be unable to work. The cost may be much less than you think - and how do you value peace of mind.

The mortgage rate jungle

the mortgage rate jungle

The financial pages of the newspaper are full of references to what seems an endless list of types of mortgage. You have seen the jargon - fixed or variable, capped or discounted, tracker. But what does it all mean? Just ask for our advice - you can be assured that in a world of change, this is one service which is constant.