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Tenant FAQ's

What are my responsibilities?

what are my responsibilities

By signing a tenancy agreement you have agreed to abide by all the terms contained within it. The most common duties you must perform as a tenant are to pay your rent on time, pay household bills on time, report any damages you notice and maintain the cleanliness of the property. You are responsible for mowing the grass and keeping the garden tidy.

What happens if repairs are required?

what happens if repairs are required

If you feel there is a problem that needs fixing - an integrated appliance such as cooker, fridge etc - or general repair work that is needed on a property that we manage, you should contact us immediately. We will inform your landlord and if necessary, call upon one of the reputable tradesmen on our database of contractors. You should be aware that if you cause damage to the property or its contents or decoration you will usually be required to pay the cost of repairing it.

Is my landlord able to increase the rent?

is the landlord able to increase the rent

Should your landlord wish to increase the rent that you pay, they must enter into a period of negotiations with you; we will be happy to mediate should this arise to help achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Your rent cannot be increased during the fixed term of an assured short hold tenancy.

What happens should I decide to move out?

what happens if i decide to move out

A period of notice will be set out in your tenancy agreement and you must serve this when you intend to leave. Providing this is followed, it is easy to move out of a property, as long as you adhere to the timescales and procedures that are in place. You should tell us as soon as you have decided to move out and we will advise you on your next steps. You cannot stop paying rent until the end of the tenancy period.

Can I redecorate?

can i redecorate

You need the landlord's consent before you redecorate. Please contact the Property Management department and we will speak to the landlord. You can call us on 01743 284973 or email us.

Can my landlord enter the property?

can my landlord enter the property

Your landlord and DB Roberts as managing agent must give you sufficient notice if they wish to enter the property, except in the case of an emergency such as a burst pipe.

Can I extend my tenancy at a property?

can i extend my tenancy at a property

Once the end date of the initial fixed term of the tenancy agreement has been reached, it is often possible to renew it so you can continue living at the property. As the term comes into its final months, please contact us to discuss and we can advise you on your landlord’s willingness to extend your tenancy agreement.

When will my tenancy deposit be returned?

when will my deposit be returned

Once you have moved out of the property we will conduct a check-out service and examine the Schedule of Condition; we will report the results to both you and the landlord. Your deposit will then be returned in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, less any deductions should they be warranted.