The secret of success is to be well organised and ready to move quickly.

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When you hear of a property to rent, move quickly and contact us to book a viewing. If you like the house, tell us immediately and then respond promptly with everything you are asked to provide. You will need to complete a tenancy application with details of your job, income and showing how you will pay the security deposit. Sometimes, you may need a Guarantor to support your application; this is someone who promises to pay the rent if you are unable to – most people ask a relative to help with this. Before you get the keys, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement and pay the first month’s rent and your security deposit to DB Roberts.

Once you have moved in, you must look after the house and garden and your rent must be paid to us every month by bank transfer. While you should do minor things like changing a light bulb or putting a washer on a tap, the landlord is responsible for any major problem, such as the heating breaking down. Although this is rare, if it happens you can quickly let DB Roberts know using a simple smartphone App, and we will send one of our approved contractors.

When your tenancy ends, you must leave the property clean and in good condition. As soon as you move out, we will come and check the property against an electronic schedule of condition which was prepared before you moved in. If everything is fine, we will return your full deposit to you.

We hope this is useful property rental advice. Renting a house through us is simple and safe; rent with confidence with DB Roberts.

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